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  1. So, I'm very new to the whole Variax/modelling/high tech thing and I've got a few questions. They may be dumb questions but I've tried googling it and I'm more confused now than I was before. I own a JTV-59 and an FRFR speaker. I'm interested in finding a way to make my use of said items more streamlined and simple, which brings me to the HD500X and my questions: 1. Am I able to set up each button on the POD to start a specific preset? IE. Am I able to set it up where I hit "FS1" and it will give me my preset _______ and "FS2" will give me preset ______, etc? 2. If I plug my Variax guitar into the Variax input will I be able to control the modelling of the guitar as part of my presets? So all I'll need to do to switch from a Strat/Reverb/Distortion/Blackface Dbl Norm preset to a 12 string/Drop D/clean/acoustic amp preset with the push of a button? Or will I still need to make the changes at the guitar level with the knobs? 3. When I watch the tone creation videos on Youtube there are enormous numbers of amps, effects, miss, etc.... Are all those included in the purchase of a POD HD500X? Or are the initial/included items limited and the rest are purchased after the fact? I'm sure the answers to these questions will bring up several other questions but I'd love it if I could get these answered. Thanks in advance. (And sorry if these questions make no sense....)
  2. So I pulled the trigger on the 700 Acoustic. Thanks for the info/input form both of you guys. Playing around with it thus far confirms that I LOVE modelling guitars for the sheer "play around with cool tones and sounds" aspect of it, especially as someone with limited to no experience with varieties of guitars and instruments. I've found that I've got a minor issue with a fret buzzing (1st fret on e string) and I'm going to take it to the shop I purchased from to have them take a look but beyond that it seems to be a winner.
  3. I recently stumbled upon a Variax 700 Acoustic in a local shop. I had honestly not heard of them previously but had a little play on it and thought it was incredibly cool. Loved the variety of acoustic sounds as well as the other options. Now that I've done a little research, I'm more confused then I was before..... Given that it doesn't work with the HD software and is no longer in production, is something like this worth buying these days? I'm a guy who is back into playing after 25 years away from it and am into the idea of having "access" to many tones and models without having to buy a bunch of gear and I'm just getting back into learning different styles and techniques..... Something like this seems like it would be a fun way to learn how different models, tones and instruments change the way music comes together. I guess I'm wondering if people would talk me into buying one or talk me out of it? Thanks in advance.
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