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  1. I'm still working on the sounds, but looks like you have to tweak the sounds to work for you - Yup POD GO is not a plug and play (I have discovered ;-) ) My PA is not the best speakers and considering FRFR now as well. Sounds better through headphones... Let me add. Still love the clarity and sounds coming from my UX1, Gearbox, But had it for years and understand it. Have to learn to work the POD GO sounds now. It should sound better in time once I got it dialed in ;-) Newer tech, HX sounds etc...
  2. Wondering how your sound is and does the 108 meet your needs?
  3. Thx! Yup it sounds a lot better for me. My guitars are mostly Humbuckers and turning the 'Guitar In Pad' to ON - in the global settings works for me.
  4. I don't know what I did but all of a sudden the buttons up and down, to change BANK changed to PRESET. So instead of changing banks it changed preset one for one... Only had the POD GO for a few days so just did a Factory Reset - Everything looks fine again. But maybe for the future, if it happens again. Can someone please advise how to change the UP and DOWN buttons from PRESET back to BANK. Thanks in advance,
  5. I must also do something wrong..... Got my POG GO, 2 days ago... Use the L/Mono straight to the mixer/pa It does not sound to good - Very muddy, distorted, bassy... They say take the factory sounds with a pinch of salt, so I downloaded some patches - Still sounds bad or nothing near the demos about the pedal you see and hear on the web... Have also read up a lot and some issues with other users was the cable (Dont use instrument cable)(USE balanced / speaker cable - or 1/4 to xlr) Also check global settings in the manual pg32 I'm going to try that now...
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