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  1. Hi I have tried to record a few practice sessions on my tiny home studio. (well not actually a studio, but I have a good pair of studio headphones, Line 6 Spider V, foot switch and a laptop connected with my amp via USB - no audio interface) Problem is, after several attempts to setup my amp drivers on my PC, i find it very hard to keep input from my Spider Amp and output on my PC. So, what is the best practice to monitor what i am playing/recording? Shall i plug the headphones directly on my Spider V amp? Or shall i keep trying to make my pc get input from the amp and output sound from my default sound card? thanks
  2. I tried Cubase 9.5 and Audacity. No luck... I get absolutely no input anyone?
  3. Hey I got my 1st electric guitar, a Yamaha Pacifica 112v and a Line 6 Spider V 30 amplifier I see there are a lot of presets there, for example rock clean, rock solo, etc. So, i assume i can choose any of these depending to what i want to play. Although, i often watch youtube video lessons and they refer to a much more simplified amplifier set of controls/knobs. DRIVE - is this distortion? Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume, ok i got these! then pressing the AMP button, it loads a whole new set of options Same with FX Maybe this is a complicated amp for a beginner like me? Is there a way to use it as a more plain and simple amp, until i know what i am doing? thanks
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