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  1. I selected the "tone template" link at the top of this page and it has several artists tone choices, but it only shows the amp they use, not the modelled comparable and it doesnt show the effects they use or how they set all the dial settings .
  2. I have a Line 6 Flextone Duo 2x50 watts Stereo amp and just picked up a Line 6 Floor Board. I am confused with how the different channels are recalled and how they are created and saved. I have attached the floor board manual to this post, but I am still not able to operate all the different functions. It would be great if there was someone who owns and uses the same components that I have and could ask questions. I am not great at creating tones as there are several modelled amps and effects to choose from and so many adjustments with reverb, channel volume ect. I have only played with the floor board a bit, but I am sure the more i try it the more questions will come up. Let me know if there is anyone out there that can help. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks floor_board.pdf
  3. Also wondering if these units have software that can be updated.
  4. Yes I have those preset templates for the amp. What I was looking for was users of my amp that have filled in some of the templates so I could get some cool sounds.
  5. I was also looking for any templates of cool sound set ups
  6. what is the link to get to the download page. I dont think they have any downloads for my amp
  7. I have a Line 6 Flextone Duo 2x50 watts Stereo. I was wondering if there was any way to do any software upgrades on this amp (i have never done any) and also is there anywhere i can get some templates of preferred sound layouts that have been made for this unit. Example: which modelled amp chosen and what effects were chosen and the settings for all the other knobs. Let me know. Thanks
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