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  1. jona1111

    sv tweeters

    Yeah I already had the update. Just didn't realize that feature would work on the old hardware. Thanks for the replies. Spent a lot of time getting my sound right but it was definitely worth it. The tone has a lot more punch and it's way more consistent over a wider range of volume and environments. Though I don't do it very often mic placement will be easier because you don't have to take the tweeters into consideration. Also it doesn't get tinnier or sound muffled when I'm not directly in front of it. I work in a factory plus I'm not as young as I was so I'd get everything just right one day and it would sound bad to me the next. In case you can't tell, I'm really pleased with this update. A lot of the preset tones don't sound good in classic mode and you have to kinda relearn what it takes to get the results you're looking for because EQ, tone, drive and gain adjustment obviously will react in completely different ways than your probably used to.
  2. jona1111

    sv tweeters

    Thought that was only on the mk2
  3. jona1111

    sv tweeters

    I have a 240. has anyone disconnected spider v tweeters? they're very annoying and wonder if anyone knows if it sounds better without the tin sound. I'm constantly tweeking my sound and when i think its close i step back and its gone, or change the volume its gone. sound is different oround the room.
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