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  1. Here are pictures of what it's doing. 1 - This is what it's like when I open it. Off the top so I can't hit - or + or X. Takes up pretty much the entire screen. I can grab the right side and make it skinnier, that's it. https://ibb.co/bFGvzF 2 - I change the resolution of my monitor all the way down and then let it revert back to normal and then the program seems to snap into how it should look. SOMETIMES. Sometimes this doesn't help either. But even though I see the top, the bottom is still way off. I can still only scale the sides to make it skinnier or wider. https://ibb.co/nsqNeF 3 - Once I can get it maximized it looks like this. It takes up the entire monitor, even my task bar at the bottom is covered by it and still I can't get to the bottom of the program. https://ibb.co/mdmvzF
  2. I've been trying to use the Spider Remote on my PC but when it launches it's like it's too tall to be fully displayed. When it first launches I can't see the top or the bottom so I can't minimize or maximize. I have to switch around the resolutions on my monitor and eventually it'll force the program down a little so I can hit the maximize button and then I am able to see it, but there's obviously more stuff below that I can't see and there's no way to scroll down. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this and nothing helps. It's like it's designed to be a phone app with the screen going up and down instead of being used on a widescreen computer monitor. Is there any solution for this?? Am I supposed to turn my monitor over on it's side or something?
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