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  1. Just wondering if this is possible, for example I have 1 compressor I use on every patch, but I sometimes I change the settings on it and therefore I have to change the settings on all the patches with that. I was wondering if you can have basically 1 FX but linked to multiple patches.
  2. I bought a second hand pod HD500 and then accidentally broke 2 controls I first broke the dial to change presets and then changed the "arrow Control" That allows you to choose a specific effect. Just wondering if anyone knows where to get the parts and where to learn how to fix it. thanks
  3. Hey guys, recently got a podHD500 and wanted to know if there was anyway just to change through the patches with the "arrow" Footswitches on the very left. When you push these it shows your banks and you have to hit another footswitch. Is there anyway just to hit one of the switches and go straight to the next patch and the other to go back?
  4. Hey guys, Recently got a second hand PodHD500 so I can use it live, rather than buying lots of pedals and I just had a few questions. First one, I noticed that you can only have 8 effects per patch, is there any way around this? I usually have 2 "On" pedals, maybe 3. They are a compressor, distortion and maybe a volume pedal Therefore I usually have a compressor, 2 distortions, vibrato, wah, u vibe, clean boost, octave and filter So I was wondering how I can stick all these pedals in one patch I was also wondering how you can switch between the wah pedal on exp 1 and then change to a volume on EXP2. which is a similar question to above. Secondly, I have a really good amp (Rivera for those who are interested) and I'm not sure whether to use an amp model with my amp. I usually have a dirty sound but sometimes change to clean on my amp and I don't know whether to do this on my actual amp or create an amp sound on the pod. Finally, I need advice on a compressor I should use. I have a really harsh attack when I play, so I want to add a compressor to my effects and I want to to bring down the attack when picking and when funk picking. I would just like some advice on what model and some general settings to have for this. Also, a decent clean boost that is on the Pod. Thanks
  5. Just wondering if there is anyway to choose when all the delay stops on the Pod HD 500. For example if I have the Feedback at 100 to try and create a really messy sound of everything I play being thrown back at me, then when I deice I want that all to stop. Is this possible?
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