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  1. Sadly the Logidy only has USB output, and runs off USB power. I don't think that will work with the HX, will it? The Soleman does sound good. Source Audio does some great stuff, I'll have to check it out.
  2. The FCB looks great, but it's pretty large - one of the reasons I got the the HX was to reduce my effects footprint. I can change presets on the HX. All I need is something with a few buttons that send CC messages to either switch snapshots, or toggle blocks in the HX. The Softstep seems nice, and maybe there are some other options. But all are somewhat too large for me. I want to add them to the few inches of remaining free space on my pedalboard (which currently houses a Cali76 CB, HX, a Future Impact, and an SA Aftershock). I'll have to look into all this. I'm in the same boat as you rd2rk, I'm a programmer so the software end is fine, but hardware is more scary for me. My daughter has done a few Arduino projects so maybe I'll enlist her help. I can't help thinking that Line 6 should have included some inputs for extra footswitches to control the functions which they didn't have room for.
  3. Too bad. But I really like the idea of building one for myself.
  4. I have an HX effects, so of course there are 9 blocks but only 6 footswitches to assign them to. I want to get external footswitches that can be programmed to send MIDI CC, so I can toggle the 3 blocks that I can't get via the 6 built-in switches. So they will need to be able to send a CC with value 127 on one click (to turn the block on) and value 0 on the next (to turn it off). I would also like to be able to send CC 69 messages to switch snapshots while in stomp mode. Is there a MIDI footswitch controller out there that can do this for not a lot of $$$? Thanks!
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    I'm a bass player, and a newish owner of a Helix HX Effects. So my perspective is a bit different, as the unit doesn't have any amp or cab models. I don't think I'm lacking anything, except that the factory presets don't help me, so I'm making everything from scratch. Other than that, I as a bassist don't feel shortchanged at all. So far I'm really happy with it, and really impressed that modeling of this quality is now available at an affordable price point.
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