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  1. Thanks. Isn't the 300 a Legacy model ? I installed new batteries and there is no sound other than a squeal at first. I'm wondering if I need the model select knob installed on the guitar because of the tab that sticks down into the pot ? I don't want to invest too much into it. The new knob is on the way from Full Compass. I only paid $50 for it but it looks like it was played maybe 2 or 3 times. Should this post be in "Variax Guitars / Bass / Workbench" ? Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi, I just bought a used Variax 300. At least I think its that model. It needs a model select knob. Where can I get one ? Also what do I need to get the guitar work ? Do I need a special cable ? I don't need the XPS mini adaptor, do I ? Batteries should work ? Thanks.
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