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    Powercab help!

    Hi, I bought a Powercab online yesterday, and there seems to be an issue with at least a couple fo the patches. I've made a quick video to demo the issue here: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=DzfCU8BHEKg There's a clear vibrating/distorting sound coming from the cab. In the demo I'm using Marco Fanton's 'Tweenty' patch. I've bypassed the IR, made sure my Helix output is set to line level, and have set the Powercab input so it's dialed back from orange to stable green, so hot enough going into the Powercab but without clipping. There are plenty patches that sound fine. The shop is quite happy to collect and return, but I'd really value a second opinion if possible. I've taken everything off the patch and just left the amp ( US Double Nrm) and still hear the vibration/distortion. Is it likely to be a faulty unit, or is there something I might be missing? Any help appreciated!
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