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  1. Thanks for all tips and advices. Haven't tried ASIO4ALL with the Helix. Tried it out with other hw long time ago, but since I haven't had driver issues before, I have always stayed with the supplied drivers. The Asio Helix driver gives quite a high latency, but since I do all recording with direct monitoring it is not an issue. Since I can remedy the issue by switching back and forth between drivers once the project is loaded, the most likely culprit should be Cubase. I have opened a new ticket towards Steinberg 23 days ago and still no response...(could be due to covid and after vacation periods, but thats pretty long). I have been using Cubase for over 20 years, so I guess it's a bit of sunk cost fallacy for me to change to another Daw :-D Workflow of Cubase and knowing how inhouse VST sound and react makes me continue. I might try ASIO4ALL and see how it reacts.
  2. Hi! I'm using my Helix floor as my main audio interface together with Cubase Pro 10.5.20. The helix is an awesome tool for routing and recording both my guitar/bass, but also my old analog synths through the effects returns. I though have a strange behaviour I wonder if any of you have experienced. First of all, my PC is a dedicated custom built studio PC with 9th gen Intel CPU, plenty of RAM, large M.2 SSD and only my audio software installed. When I load a project where the Helix asio driver is used, I always get performance spikes with stutter and dropouts when e.g. open up and edit VST instruments or editing midi notes during playback. However, if I change the active driver (Asio Helix) in Studio Setup to the "Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver" and back to "Asio Helix" driver, everything is working flawlessly and I do not get any spikes or stutter even in my largest projects (load rarely goes over 50%). I have been using this workaround since I got my Helix, but it is a bit tedious to have to swith drivers and reloading my Helix template in Connection Setting when loading projects. I have had support ticket to both Line6 and Steinberg, that unfortunately have not resolved this. Both Helix firmware and Asio Helix Driver is on latest versions. Any of you out there that has had similar experiences? BR /Johan
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