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  1. So I've done that with two different amps. In 1 instance, I had a really bad (presumably a ) ground hum, and the other, while it worked, the effects levels of those in the effects loops were incredibly low coming through the amp, while those in front seemed to be ok, but in both instances, it sounded like a dry signal was still coming through when playing through the distorted channel on my amp. Not sure how to solve the ground hum, or what seem to be a dry signal coming through when playing on the distortion channel. Amp has a serial effects loop, as recommended.
  2. I have a Helix LT and an amp with an effects loop. I've been trying to understand the template of the 4CM on HX Edit but it's confusing me. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: Wah, Comp, Drive in the front end of my amp. Delay, Chorus, Reverb, through the effects loop of my amp. I want to use my amp for clean/dirty, I just want to just my Helix LT as an effects processor. The 4CM template only has 1 Effects Loop block set up, which in my head doesn't seem to make sense visually or functionally. Should there be a "send block" after the Drive if that's the last thing that I want (the Drive) before the amp's input, and then after the "send block" I have my delay, chorus, and reverb, and then a "return" block for the signal to come back from the amp? I'm just not getting how to set this up, and I've watched all the videos and read a lot of posts but none of it seems to make much sense. I know how to physically hook up the cabling from the Helix LT to my amp with all 4 cables. I just don't know how to set this up properly in HX Edit, or on the Helix LT itself. Can someone show me a screenshot of HX Edit, or of the screen on the Helix of the proper set up for this method? Again, I'm just getting confused by the difference between the Block labeled "FX Loop" and the Blocks labeled "Send 1" and "Return 1". What I'm asking to do here is the most common version of the 4CM, effects in front of the amp, delay/mod/rev effects in the effects loop of my amplifier. I don't want the Helix's preamp, or amp modeling, or anything else. I just want to have it running through both the input and the effects loop, and be able to turn individual effects on and off in each signal chain, not on or off all together. Thanks in advance!
  3. I've just been using the LT in the Effects Loop of my Friedman Runt 50, but today decided to try the 4CM to have some effects hit the front of the amp. When I hooked it up per the Line 6 Youtube video, I had a horrible (presumably ground) hum come through my speakers. I also hear what I would describe as a "Dry Signal" coming through the speaker as well when I switch to my distortion channel on the head at the same time. Here is my layout: See picture of the layout: I have Volume, Wah, Compressor, and OD before it goes to "Send 1", which then after that has Delay 1, Delay 2, Flanger, Boost, and Reverb inside the Effects Loop, then going to Return 1, then to 1/4" out. My connections are as follows: Guitar (Gibson Les Paul) -> Helix LT Guitar Input Helix LT Send 1 -> Friedman input (front) Helix LT Return -> Friedman Effects Loop Send Helix LT 1/4" Out -> Friedman Effects Loop Return All power cables are plugged into the same Furman power conditioner, and those are the only things being plugged into it. This is a closed loop system. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  4. Thank you, guys. That did the trick. I'm still getting used to having so many options, it can be overwhelming!
  5. Phil, thanks for the response! I'm using the "Elephant Man" delay. There was a preset on the LT, I believe it was 31B under Factory 1, (probably also on the Helix) that was a "Shut Up and Dance" preset, so I used the same settings from that delay in the preset that I had created. I also have an HX Effects which with I've done the same thing (coped the settings from that delay patch and set up a delay for it). The time is set to 377ms on the preset, which is the correct delay time for that dotted 8th effect on Shut Up and Dance. Again, when I tap the "Tap Tempo" button on both my HX or my LT, the red flashing light mimics the new tempo that I tap in, but it does not change the delay time. This issue is the same for another delay I have set up. If the issue is that it's set to ms instead of 1/4, 1/8, etc, how would I save the correct time for the preset and still be able to override it later with a tap tempo? Basically, any time I come to that preset, it needs to already be at the correct BPM, and allow me to override it later in the song. Thanks in advance!
  6. (This is on a Helix LT) Scenario: My band plays Shut Up and Dance. I have a preset saved with all the parameters I need for that song, including the correct BPM for the dotted 8th delay to achieve the correct sound for the intro. By the time the intro lick comes back around again after the solo, my drummer never seems to have stayed on tempo throughout the song, so when we come back to that part, the timing is off on the delay. I want to be able to tap in the new tempo with the tap tempo button to be able to play the lick with the correct delay sound, albeit, most likely faster. When I try to do this, it doesn't change the delay time. The Tap Tempo light changes to whatever tempo I tap it at, but it doesn't affect the actual delay time. It seems to be this way for any delay that I set on a preset. How can I set the preset to come up with the correct (saved) BPM, and then still override it later with tap tempo?
  7. I have a Helix LT, a Friedman Runt 50 Head, Mesa 2x12, and a Gibson R9. I want to run the Helix LT near my monitor as my effects processor, and also use it to switch the channels on the Friedman head (I'll worry about that later). I just want to use the Helix LT's effects through the effects loop of the Friedman, but I can't figure out how to get that to work and get sound. I watched a Line 6 video that shows the 4 cable method, but I don't want (or need) to do that. I just want to use mod/delay/reverb. I don't need OD, Boost, Comp, or anything else to go into the front end of the amp. If I'm creating a brand new preset, and just want to add in all those effects mentioned above, how do I connect the LT to the Friedman? I tried guitar in/1/4" out, and that didn't give me signal, and then I tried the effects loop of the LT, and same result. I didn't set up any patches yet so I don't know if that would effect it. I assumed I would just get dry signal regardless. Help? Also, if anyone wants to help me set up button "D" (the bottom one) to change channels on my Friedman...you get bonus points. Thanks!
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