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  1. I have a Helix Rack and have two expression pedals connected. One is volume and and I would like to globally set the other to act as a mild bigsby type whammy bar effect for use with my tunomatic tail less paul. Can anyone please teach me how to do that ? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I have a Helix Rack and was thinking about getting a G90 Wireless. I think I read somewhere that the input on the back of the Helix Rack was not a good place to plug your guitar into. If this is so then I would have to run a cable from the back of my rack (G90 out) to the front (Helix in) in order to plug into the front of the Helix. Has anyone got any insight on this ? Is this true or can I keep all the cabling in the back of the rack by running the G 90 out into the rear input on the Helix ?
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