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  1. Hi folk's, been using my helix for a few months now with great tones in my home studio however using it live has been a bit hit and miss. Usually the set up is an fender amp sim block into a few effect blocks out through left mono quarter jack and then into the return on my Fender Deville. Deville being used as a power amp only. This obviously negates the controls on the amp and by passes the amp overdrive stage. What I would like to do is use the helix as a pedal board for modulation effects after the preamp. This was normally achieved by having effects in the effects loop and gain pedals between the guitar and the amp input. I have tried coming out of the send and then into the helix and then out of the helix back to the send on the amp. I'm looking for nice modulation tone however I don't want any change in my guitar tone when no effects are on ( true by pass if you like ) I'm happy channel switching using the amp foot switch so don't really want a four cable set up. Just guitar into the amp out of the send, into the helix and back to the return of the amp. Have tried this but the tones are coloured or just plain rubbish. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers
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