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  1. Thanks. This helped already. SO i have a way how to proceed. Thanks
  2. Dear all, I am not new to Line 6 ( used POD X3 many years ago, using a G10 very happily) but new to Helix, currently testing the native during the 15 days trial period. My main instrument is the bass. I have already good experience with Zoom B3 and B3n, have used it for gigs, already. I am trying to find out if HELIX LT could be my next Multi. I am very impressed with the quality of tube bass amps of HELIX. This is really a big step . But I have difficult to find some very clean bass amps or settings, e.g. a MarkBass amp simulation with it s VLE and VLF EQs. Is there anybody who can help me or have any recommendations? best regards, Markus
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