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  1. I'm building a patch that is just effects for running straight into my amp. But when I first tried it - TONE SUCK. I realized that it's probably because the input level to my amp is being decided by the master volume on the Stomp, turning that up helped a lot. Does anyone who runs their stomp this way from time to time have a way that they've locked in the "sweet spot" so they're not rolling down the input level or boosting their amp too much? I realize I'm being a little OCD and I could just turn the volume knob until it sounds good, but I can't help that, you know....
  2. Headphones are connected directly, yes. Output is set to INST Phones/monitor is set to Main/LR Volume is set to 2 o clock thereabouts. I think I can live with it. Setting the input to line level helps enough to where it isn't distracting, which was my gripe. I will survive. I love the form factor of the Stomp, I love it being on my nano sized board with a few other pedals and I can just grab it and hang in the living room and play guitar after hours. But I do want to say thank you to everyone who chimed in. Communities rule.
  3. Relatively close to my laptop, but wasn't yesterday when I tried a different outlet and had the same result.
  4. So it happens with any amp model. I didn't know that the JC was problematic, but that's not typically what I use, I only used that one to demonstrate. I don't hear any clipping on an empty patch with no blocks, only when I add an amp. So I've fiddled around and I've got it to all but disappear by turning drive to 0, channel and master volumes down below 50%. Cab volume I dropped a few db, and lowered the overall output at the end of the patch. But at that point, I couldn't even really hear in my headphones, but I recorded it and then raised the volume in my DAW. But that static seemed to be gone. I'm not interested in adding a headphone amp. I got the stomp to keep everything small and mobile. Hope I figure this out. I should be able to load an empty patch, load up a stock amp + cab block without touching any settings, and play without digital clipping. Maybe something is wrong with my unit.
  5. Ok, so nothing has helped. I did a reset on the global settings, in case somewhere along the way I messed something up. Here's a sample of a brand new patch, with only an amp+cab block, (went with the jazz chorus since it's so clean). I used the 121 and 6" distance, like you suggested. I'm plugged straight into the HX Stomp, with a quality Monster cable. It sounds like i'm clipping the input. But I don't see how that's possible. All 3 of my guitars are the same, and they all have passive pups. Settiing the input to Line instead of Instrument pads the input a bit, but I also think it muddies it up a bit. (This clip is set to Instrument) amp+cab+rivet.mp3
  6. So far per suggestions, I have tried an outlet all by itself, and also plugged into my Furman. Neither had an effect on the static. Unfortunately, the Stomp does not have an input pad. I can change from Instrument input level to Line input level, and that changes nothing for the noise. I'll try the Bias suggestion next (I'm assuming the Stomp has that on it's models) - I'll post an update after I get a chance. Next, I'm going to try https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4118663/ that tone and see if I get the noise, because I don't hear any on his video. I would also be more than willing to email the patch to someone (I'll change it to stock cabs) if they were willing to load it up and see how it sounds for them, but I do realize that's asking a lot more effort. I honestly first thought that it was my headphone impedance and lived with it, but then realized it comes through everywhere.
  7. oh, forgot to mention. This is HX Stomp, and I have tried different cables.
  8. That almost sounds like digital clipping? Doesn't matter what amp model I use, what cabs I use, what IR's I use. There is always background static, even with hunbuckers. It's likely also there when I play with higher gain amps, I just can't hear it. This is a clip of me playing with the static in the background. First clip is humbuckers, 2nd is single coils. It does seem to be slightly quieter with single coils, but still there. Anyone else have this issue, or have any ideas? TIA Track 1_001.mp3 Track 1_002_1.mp3
  9. Oh man awesome. Thank you for replying and for that info! I was thinking after looking at power banks that I may get a different one with a larger capacity that has a regular outlet on it, as well as regular wall plug, and then use the actual power supply for the stomp to be safer. That way I won't have to worry about the up-conversion of power.
  10. I sold off my HD500x and picked up a stomp. I love it. I love the small size, the tones so far are great, it's a pretty awesome little unit. I want to put it on a mini-board I have which I run off of a portable battery power bank. It's a 10,000mah battery and I use a 5v to 9v adapter and run 3 pedals daisy chained off of it. I'm wondering if it would be a terrible idea to pick up another battery (so the Stomp is isolated from the other pedals) and power it that way? I'm constantly moving around where I'm playing, between the bedroom, kitchen, living room (I play with headphones almost exclusively) so not having a power cord that I'm unplugging and plugging in is a very enticing idea, especially since my other pedals are already powered that way. The stomp from what I've read only draws around 1A out of the supplied 3A from the wall wort, so a 2.4A out would be plenty of power it would seem. But my other pedals didn't cost as much money as the Stomp. And I can't afford to brick one. So if this sounds like a stupid idea, I trust you guys. If I should remain attached to a wall wart I will accept that that is my fate and live on. Anyone doing this particular kind of set up?
  11. I guess i'm just imagining a scenario where there is no PA. It may be loud enough. I guess I won't know until I try it. Unless someone tells me that setting the Pod to "line" output into an amp won't damage it, I'm not going to do it.
  12. I recently got a Peavey VK212 which has no master volume, and no way to control the volume of the power amp. So plugging my HD500x into the effects return of the amp, and I have the switch on the Pod set to "amp" the only volume control I have is on the Pod, I'm not sure that it gets gig-able volume. But if I flip that switch to "line" it gets much louder. Is this bad for the amp? It's a 100w combo amp. Would it be better to keep it on "amp" and maybe raise the volume in the mixer section of the Pod? I just don't want to screw up the valveking, so I'm playing it more safe than sorry at this point.
  13. Hey thanks everybody for throwing their 2 cents in. I've tried every combo of knob turns and switches, xlr cables, 1/4, line level, mic level. Meh. Still clips the speaker. It's going back. But if one thing came from this experience, it's that I do really like the sound that I got out of it. It just wasn't loud enough with this particular speaker. You get what you pay for. Thanks again everyone.
  14. Ok I'll give it a shot diming out the master on the speaker tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. At least I know I'm not hooking it up wrong. Worst case I return the speaker, and the search for the next deal continues.
  15. Doing that doesn't give me enough volume to make it worth it. I tried turning the master nearly all the way down on the pod and raising the master on the speaker and it just wasn't loud enough. (Sweeping volume levels on both pod and speaker to see if I could get a combo that worked) I'm not planning on using it as a reference monitor live, but I know that tons of users go direct to FOH and have a powered speaker as a monitor on stage. I can't get anywhere close to that amount of volume. Maybe it's just a cheap not very good speaker. :/
  16. So GC had their big sale so I grabbed a V2212 from their house brand Harbinger. It's a 600w peak, 180w RMS class D. Just curious what settings you guys use on your pods for using a powered speaker. I set the output to studio/direct so I can use the cab tones and am using a balanced out into the speaker. I selected mic level on the speaker. Problem is, anywhere close to "loud" the input stage clipping LED lights up. Do I have something wrong? I realize that 180w and class D aren't the most amazing specs but I should be able to crank it up, right?
  17. So I have a dual amp patch created, with a treadplate on top and a blackface on bottom. Dirty and Clean, reverse switchable for on the fly "channel switching". Is it normal for a little glitch/delay/lag when switching between amps in a dual amp patch? It's pretty hard to time a change right, say if you want to go from clean to dirty or vice versa really fast. There's just a little hiccup there. Is that normal?
  18. I reset my device and reloaded the patch. It's working again. Hopefully a fluke. And thanks for the tip, I'll move it up front and check it out!
  19. Hey everyone I'm new to the 500x. Just got it and figuring stuff out... I set up a tone I liked, and then set up a pitch glide to lower -2. (basically to take my drop D guitar and output drop C). I set the wet to 100% and surprisingly, it worked great, and sounded fairly decent. I went about, tweaking the tone, as one does often I imagine, and then all of a sudden it stopped being 100% wet. Now I can hear the original tone with it, 50/50. Couldn't figure it out, so I started a new patch and just put an amp and the pitch glide on. Still the same, even on the new patch. 50/50 mix. Any ideas??? I was really excited about it for like 30 minutes! Here's a shot of my tone, if that helps. But I don't know....
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