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  1. Hi! so i just got the hx stomp and im a bit lost^^ Just started it up and almost everytime i do something, scrolling thru presets/going into settings the Tempo screen keeps flashing up for like 2 secons, then it goes back to the settings i was in, then randomly shows tempo screen where i can adjust bpm and such.. Is this intended or is there any probs with my unit? it usually comes right after i touch a button, and doesnt seem to be a even amount of time between the popups, it can come up after 2 seconds, instantly or after 10 seconds. This makes me really confused and annoyed :p if i for example press both page buttons to go into global eq it can instantly show the tempo screen for a while Before actually letting me go into global, idk, it feels bugged or smth since its so uneven. And if i try to adjust the bpm while the tempo screen is up i chances mid scroll so i roll down other settings instead. English is not my first language so i hope u can understand :)
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