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  1. Cool. Did you have to do anything special or set anything up differently to make sure the Midi messages aren't interpreted by the Helix instead of just being passed through?
  2. Is it possible to have an external 3-5 button Midi Footswitch connected to the Helix via Midi, then have those Midi messages passed to a computer via USB? I'm sure/certain Midi messages are passed from the Midi In to the Midi Out/Thru, but are the messages also passed via USB? Footswitch--(midi)-->Helix Rack--(USB)-->Computer The goal would be to have dedicated DAW Transport switches for controlling Play/Stop, Record, Return to Beginning, etc.
  3. Thanks. Sorry for the delay in responding, but this helped. As a secondary question, do you just build in an FX Loop for all of your presets, or is there a way to selectively disable 4CM? I suppose I could work up some fun Midi controlled line switcher or something that diverts the signal to the appropriate input on my amp when I select specific presets.
  4. I have my Helix LT set up in 4CM with a PRS MT-15 Amp. Guitar -> Helix LT Guitar Input LT Send -> MT-15 Input MT-15 FX Send -> LT Return 1 LT Mono Output -> MT-15 FX Return This appears to work fine with all of the presets without any Send/Return block in play. The issue I'm having is that the volume knobs on my MT-15 now do nothing. If I set either or both to zero, I still get full signal. Only the volume knob or pedal adjust the volume. Do I need a special Send/Return block for this to work properly? Is this expected behavior? What am I missing here?
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