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  1. Wonderful news. I was loosing hope, because it has been 6 months since the release and still no usable software. Version 2.60 could restore Line 6's credibility with this HX Effect owner. Hope upon hope.
  2. Progress is a welcome comfort to the impatient. HX Effects is my first Line 6 product, and my first impression is that Line 6 is a great company. I have high hopes for HX Edit and HX Effects working well together. In the mean time I get to learn the menus and knobs. I have setup my Blues Cube Artist switching without issue, and enjoy building new effects with custom amp settings. Stereo delay is the number one reason I got the HX Effects, and today I have the time to get sucked into that music vortex.
  3. When will HX Edit actually work for HX Effects? Will HX Effects always be last to get updated?
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