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  1. LittleEars

    HX Edit for HX Effects

    Wonderful news. I was loosing hope, because it has been 6 months since the release and still no usable software. Version 2.60 could restore Line 6's credibility with this HX Effect owner. Hope upon hope.
  2. LittleEars

    HX Edit for HX Effects

    Progress is a welcome comfort to the impatient. HX Effects is my first Line 6 product, and my first impression is that Line 6 is a great company. I have high hopes for HX Edit and HX Effects working well together. In the mean time I get to learn the menus and knobs. I have setup my Blues Cube Artist switching without issue, and enjoy building new effects with custom amp settings. Stereo delay is the number one reason I got the HX Effects, and today I have the time to get sucked into that music vortex.
  3. LittleEars

    HX Edit for HX Effects

    When will HX Edit actually work for HX Effects? Will HX Effects always be last to get updated?