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  1. correct. I can't save. When I turn the amp on, the clean light comes on, the TAP light flashes, and the tone is not either the factory tone nor what I've recently saved. I can fiddle with the FX knobs etc and get back to something reasonable but saving it does not survive powering off and back on
  2. I have a classic Spider IV 15 It seems my amp is now stuck with tones I don't want and I can't get back to a clean tone. I've powered on while pressing the clean button and holding it for several seconds. Does not reset. I have done a reset in the past just fine. Also, the TAP button is blinking on power up. That's new. Nothing in any forum or manual about this. With the clean preset selected, there is huge echo and some reverb and I have been unable to retrieve a clean tone. Nor do I know the meaning of the blinking TAP. I've gone through pressing TAP to use the tuner - that works fine. But can't get out of the FX and back to something clean... any advice? thx
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