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  1. Okay, I will talk to my bandleader/ friend about this...he is kind of stubborn when it comes to things like this...
  2. Thanks for your replies! All the settings should be correct. I am quite convinced that the sounds through headphones vs. live will differ significantly. Anyways, this seemed odd to me. I am suspecting, that there might be a problem in the mix, which is controlled by our bandleader...It almost seemed like the tonal spectrum of my guitar went up as his guitar got in....sorry, I can't explain better.
  3. There is only a switch that says line/ amp...however, the switch is on 'line'. When I play at home over headphones, everything sounds fine.
  4. Hi guys, I bought my new POD HD500x about two weeks ago and have been experimenting quite a lot with it. However when I played it yesterday at band rehearsal, it sounded sometimes really fizzy and thin. We are playing a Les Paul, my Telecaster and the bass all directly into the pa, everyone using their own multi-effects unit. What I realized was that when my friends Les Paul came into the mix, my sound seemed to change, becoming very thin and fizzy. Do you have any ideas what might cause this problem? Thanks in advance!
  5. I made my decision and pulled the trigger on the Pod HD 500x. It arrives tomorrow and I am very excited. Thank you guys for your help!!
  6. Thanks for your replies! It seems that both units would be able to get the job done. That would be nice, but unfortunately no, my band isn't that professional.. Are there any opinions on how the two units differ soundwise? Is one of the both more proficient compared to the other?
  7. Hi! First time poster here! I have always been a complete analog gear user. But I joined a new band as a rhythm guitarist and all the band uses multi-effects units directly into pa. I never cared much for these kinds of things but am now quite impressed with the opportunities. I am currently borrowing my bandleaders Vox Tone-Lab unit, but want to buy something of my own. After doing an extensiv research it comes down to the POD HD 500x or the Firehawk. As I said, I am the rhythm guitarist in our band. I do not need a HUGE variety of tones, but a few which sound really good when played directly into the pa. We play cover songs and originals ranging from Southern Rock to Blues Rock to Rock and Roll. We are doing small to medium sized gigs on regular basis. I play a Fender Telecaster. So what do you suggest for my needs? The POD HD500x, which ist 411 Euros here in Germany or the Firehawk FX, which is 333 Euros. I appreciate your answers!
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