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  1. Hi All has anyone tried using a Bluetooth adapter plugged into the USB iPhone jack to see if it works to stream music and to use the Spider Remote App? Just thinking on paper it should work but wanted to see if anyone has tried and if it worked. Absolutley loving my new Spider V 240HC but having to plug in my phone physically for music and to use the App is the one shortcoming Thanks in Advance Louie
  2. Thanks Phil get that but would could i put the Spider V on a clean mode and use the AMPFLI FX100 standalone to stream music to my Spider using Bluetooth? and same can i connect it have the Spider V on a clean tone and just use the AMPFLI FX100 standalone for effects and tone matching? I am just trying to decide between the Spider V and the Amplfi and trying to figure out a way to have the features of both. Thanks Louie
  3. Hi all i have been on the fence between getting a Spider V or an AMPLFI (as they both have features i want that each other are lacking) I came across the FX100, has anyone tried using it with a Spider V? does it work well? (The two main features the AMPLFI has that he Spider is missing are bluetooth and ToneMatch) So my main question is will using an FX100 with a Spider V give it Bluetooth for jamming, audio streaming and the ability to tone match? Thanks in Advance, Louie
  4. Hi i am on the fence between getting a Spider V or an AMPLIFY, both have features i would love to be in one amp but unfortunately are not. With that said does anyone know if the AMPLFI FX 100 pedal work with the Spider V? (if it did that would add Bluetooth and also add the tone matching features that are missing in the Spider V) I keep going back and forth between which Amp to get so i would love some advice from users who have used both and also someone to advise if this pedal would work with the Spider. If it does work that would solve my dilemma and i would just buy those to have the best of both worlds. Thanks in Advance Louie
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