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  1. Stereo separation was never desired....but excellent point. This was purely a desire to make my set up at home easier to use. I have a 4x12 can and also a computer setup that goes to PA speaker. I actually want the same mono signal twice although one needs the can IR. I never resolved it...I am still just doing a physical wire switch. Thanks for pointing out the separation thing. I should have been more clear.
  2. That would be better than what I have now. I guess there are a few issues. I really like using the stand-alone loop pedal after the final leg of the helix...i.e whichever output is associated with the final output. Then, my stand-alone loop pedal records whatever tone I have going. This is cool with just one single final destination...ie a PA or the amplifier effects return...because I can do acoustic for example and then switch presets and do electric over it. Usually I keep the looper pedal simply between the cable and the final destination and it works great. But I was hoping to get it to work with the split. FX loop 2 before the split would work but my delay wouldn't get recorded by the loop pedal, right? Also, the cab IR after the split for the PA wouldn't get recorded into the pedal so it's not ideal and the preset I switch to would have to have the same structure; the more I think about it the more I think this is a bad idea.
  3. So I have my Helix set up with an amp in 4 cable method. I split after the FX loop 1 block and make sure they don't merge so there can be two outputs. I make one output the Send 3/4 and run send 3 into the effects return of the amp. The other output is the 1/4 output and it goes to a PA. So I generally like to use an external looper pedal (ElectroHarmonix Canyon) so I can jam over loops I record and I like to have this near the end of the chain so it records the signal after the amp and effects shape it. I do this so I can switch presets and sound different. If the looper pedal is up front the loop changes tone but if it is at the end after the FX loop block with the amplifier preamp in it I have total control. I want to use FX loop 2 with the looper pedal in both paths of the split but I can't seem to do it. Any ideas?
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