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  1. Okay, with help from Support it appears my issue was the use of the USB port/s on the front of my PC. I'm guessing they're not direct to the motherboard and so offer a little bit less power than is required for the Shuriken. Popping the USB dongle in to the back of the PC fixed the problem!
  2. Hi all, thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately still no luck. I've opened up a Support Ticket and will update if there's something I was missing that I can pass on.
  3. Hello all, Hoping you can help. I've just received a Shuriken from ebay and it seems to be in great condition, works fine through an amp, tunings work etc. Might have some of that dreaded plink but that's a story for another day! My main problem is that it just won't work with Workbench HD. I believe I have all the latest stuff via the Line 6 Monkey. Despite this, whenever I try to upload or download any patches, or make any changes to a patch, via Workbench HD it'll error with the following - "One or more presets failed to save to the guitar (Code 8000000a Operation timed out)" The USB interface is plugged directly in to the computer and has green lights on both the USB and Variax side, suggesting things are okay there. Any ideas?
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