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  1. Did you remove the allen key before you could access the friction point? It seems slightly far in to reach the friction point.
  2. The sound goes away when I use an allen key and unwind it, but then the pedal gets abit too loose for my liking. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? I understand there is a post on how to maintain the Helix pedal but it also mentions that it not meant to be used for the LT? Thanks.
  3. Using a 4-way Tele and am trying to do away with the Distortion and Teemah pedals in my Helix chain by using the Placater Dirty amp and finally came up with the setup below. Is it 'normal' that the bass and mids are cranked all the way down? Wondering if I should just go back to using a distortion pedal back instead?
  4. Curious for those who are using IRs for their acoustic guitars, what mix % do you have it set at? Also, do you place the preamp after or before the IR? Thanks.
  5. Hi Folks, I am curious if any one out there uses the high-cut and low-cut functionality in the Global EQ settings? If yes, what do you have it set to? I am wondering if I should have it turned on at all times. Don't play on using the EQ but am thinking of the low cut (which I have currently set at 100hz) and high cut option. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I have some queries and would appreciate if someone could chime in: 1. Is it possible to have different volume output levels on different snapshots within the same preset? I would like certain snapshots to be softer than the rest. 2. If I have a patch that has 2 different Amp + Cab options summed up to a mono output, does it make a difference if I use both XLR outs instead of one? 3. Is it possible to have different gain volumes assigned to different snapshots within the same distortion pedal (same block)? Thanks!
  7. Do I need to set anything in global preferences to do this? I am just going to have it output to 1 monitor.
  8. Hi Guys, I just got my Helix LT and am planning on running a stereo setup using 2 x XLR outputs to the FOH but was wondering how can I have a FRFR monitor linked up to my Helix LT as my personal monitor? Is it possible to have it done directly from the Helix LT to the monitor, and if so, which output should I be using? Thanks.
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