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    Live sound

    That's great thanks to you both for the advice. I have never heard of the Fletcher Munson effect before so just googled that. It is interesting reading and putting things into a clearer perspective. I have some lovely tones set up at low volume and really love the helix gear so quite excited to get this covered. What is the most efficient/ clean way to reduce the high and low tones please? "A global EQ low pass at around 7-8KHz to soften the highs" was suggested above. Would it be as simple as adding an equaliser effect at the start of the chain and adjust the frequency with that or is there something else I should be doing. Could I also ask aaronlyon, why you put the cab at the end of the chain. I usually have mine set up somewhere in the middle. Does this amp placement have a bigger impact when paying at volume or through front of house. I will play around with this later when back home from work but would be interesting to hear about that. Thanks in advance.
  2. JVills

    Live sound

    I have Helix line 6 and purchased a power amp pro. I have spent quite a few weeks tweaking. I have played it live and the louder it gets the more tinny the sound. I have read lots of reviews saying its as good as a tube amp in the room but try as i might I cant achieve the full sound. I have all but given up and last gig resorted to taking my tube amp. I am using the power amp settings and bypassing the cabs on the Helix etc. Just a little lost where to go next. Is there someone who can help advise what i am doing wrong. Its quite an investment in gear and I would love to gig with it without the tinny sound.
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