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  1. Thanks guys for your answers. I'm still new to my Helix. I never use such a complex machine. :)
  2. Yes I'm using toe switch to turn it on. But I'm not doing any assignment of other FX blocks to it. It happens automatically. Where I can reset it?
  3. Didn't find any answer to this, so here is my problem... I use screenshots, I place wah block in the path. When I switch it on it randomly (for me) switch other effects on/off. I don't have a clue, why this is happening. I'm lost, because when I bypass those unwanted effect in Wah on, they turn on when I switch Wah off. And opposite. Is there any proper rule, or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hi all, I'm pretty new with Helix and like the Screenshots mode. But had an idea to use one certain footswitch in momentary mode for delay. In other words - everytime I keep it pressed Delay is on. Is it possible to do it somehow in Screenshot mode. Or is there any way how to do it? Thanks
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