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  1. I have tried to re-install the latest firmware( was already on the latest version prior to the fault occurring) but while it says its booting from the SD Card, it goes through the same no start sequence ...used 1GB SD card and the recommended process still end up with the " +++FATAL ERROR MemDeviceNAND line#70"... anybody else got any magic bullet for this issue?
  2. Hi I have just purchased a nearly new Line 6 Spider Jam 2.0 from the original owner who bought it new in December 2017 so this should be under warranty according to the warranty section on the Line 6 Website. Got it home and every thing seemed to be working fine but I did notice an error message "+++FATAL ERROR MemDeviceNAND line#70" coming up when I went to one of the drum patches which was a bit frustrating ( this anomaly is described by other Spider Jam users here: https://line6.com/support/topic/10591-fatal-error/) so I read somewhere else that a factory reset may sort this out, so I tried the factory reset as per the Line 6 instructions on the Line 6 website, where the unit is powered on while holding down the settings tone button for 5-8 seconds...but no joy in fact now the amp seems just locked up, the amp with the "+++FATAL ERROR MemDeviceNAND line#70" message permanently on from start up...this message stay on for 30-45 seconds with the Clip, Insane and Delay redLED's on then it flashes the LINE 6 logo on the main display and the goes through the normal start up cycles with the LINE 6 Spider thing and then back to the error message"+++FATAL ERROR MemDeviceNAND line#70"...really frustrating...anybody got any ideas? I am just about to try downloading the latest firmware onto a 2GB SD card and try to install that and see what happens Regards Mark
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