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  1. I would really like to use this my Spider Valve 112 mkii with my band at our next gig instead of my Marshall. Mainly for cover songs and what ever... How do I keep the Channel Volume the same for all the amp models OR set preset volume to where I want them? The volume is all over the place with each amp model and each preset. The manual stated to pushed the "preset" knob in and set the AutoFX to disable. This did not allow me to set the channel volume for each AMP MODEL. Tried to edit a preset and save, but still huge volume difference between the presets if the amp models are different. Channel A is on the clean amp model and B is on the Twang = Two totally different volumes. In the editing mode it will not keep the channel volume set. My question is how do I set the Channel Volume at a similar level between Amp Models? This is when playing I can switch from a clean tone to a crunch/lead tone while I am playing live and keep the volume where I set it. Thank you for any help. I am going over the manual again to see if I missed something.
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