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  1. A good set of headphones clearly tells the story, no warble. You were spot on. Thanks!! I now feel like a complete idiot since I was about ready to burn the guitar. To answer your question I use the variax at home with a small Class 5 Marshall tube amp usually at low volume to add background tracts to the bands recordings. The warble thing started while I was practicing some parts and I never tried to record with it after that nor take to to rehearsals. My mistake.
  2. Hello, first post to this forum. Bought the jtv new about 1.5 yr ago. Started having problems with alt tuning about a year ago and now its so bad I can't use the guitar the way I want to. In alt tuning I'm getting the dreaded overtones, chiming, warble, what ever you want to call it. Guitar models are fine. I've read a bunch on this and it seems to come back to a setup issue or interaction with the magnetic pickups. The guitar is set up properly, use 10's, and the intonation is great. I'm wondering if its the pitch shifting algo's used by line6 (I've reloaded a number of times with workbench with on improvement) or the mag pickups?? For the latter, has anyone ever completely removed all the mag pickups to eliminate any mag/string interaction and just run the guitar in modeling mode? Did this help?? If it does I can easily live this since I'm only interested in the models/alt tuning. Thanks in advance for you help.
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