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  1. hi guys, I want to use my stomp with my boss es8 switcher. I already know a way to run the stomp in 4 cable using 2 loops on the switcher. What i really want to know is, is 7 cable possible and i so how does the signal chain go in conjunxtion with the es8? Thanks
  2. JakeMann35

    7CM issue

    Ah... just needed a stereo fx send and return... Not mono!
  3. JakeMann35

    7CM issue

    Hi All I'm having issues with the 7 cable method. I believe everything is wired as it should be. But when both amps are on, one seems to control the volume of the second. The second is very quiet and very noisy. Anyone know how to resolve it
  4. JakeMann35

    HX 7 cable

    Hi All Been struggling with this for a while now... need some help regarding 7 cable. It’s wired up correctly but for the life of me I’m not sure what I’m doing with the signal chain. At the moment my signal chain (as an example) goes compressor to modulation then send 1/2 then I split yo path B to run reverb and delay I'm not getting my normal amp tone out of the front from both amps. Sounds very weak. the signal chain thing is a complete guess so I’m not convinced I’m doing it correctly. Can anyone help? Not finding a lot of info on line at the mo.
  5. Hi All Just getting my head around how awesome the HX Effects unit is. I have a question regarding Snapshots. In a very basic live preset I'm creating Snapshot one in the signal chain goes- FX Loop 1 - then split to Path B - then Twin Harmony - Reverb - Delay If I mute the Twin Harmony and save the Snapshot to Snapshot 1 but take the mute off the Twin Harmony for Snapshot 2 then it automatically puts it back in the chain in Snapshot 1. Is there any way round this?
  6. Thank you. The 7 cable method has actually worked without any intricate changing of paths panning options. Sounds great. I'm now 98% convinced that it'll replace my pedals now!
  7. Hi All I wonder if anyone can help. Previously I have been playing in stereo using a Lehle Little Dual to take care of stereo effects between amps. I’m now in the process of using the HX Effects as my main hub for effects. Using the 4 cable method I am able to route my delays and reverbs etc to the effects loop of one amp. But I’d like to still run stereo effects in the front of both amps. Any idea how this could be routed/wires up? thanks
  8. Hey Guys, One of the things that is making me not want to chose a Helix over my pedal board is this- I'm running an OD pedal into an ABY box into two Engl amps. The tone is awesome. I'm trying to achieve the same thing with the Helix but there is a very obvious lack of tone - way too much to be useful. So far I'm taking it one step at a time - The OD pedal is going into Loop 1, which I've them selected on the signal chain, but all clarity and tone has gone when I play. Setting the instrument level to line has made a bit of a difference but nothing close to the tone I was getting through the ABY box. Any suggestions as to what I can do/or am doing wrong?
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