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  1. Is this still an issue with current units then? Each time I see this thread show up I feel uneasy about investing in the LT. I appreciate there is fantastic support from Line 6 for US customers but generally where I live it is expected a unit under warranty is sent away to be assessed before being repaired/replaced; a process that can take up to two weeks. As much as I would love to buy the Helix Floor, I cannot justify a 60% price increase where the build quality would be the only benefit (for me) of upgrading.
  2. Quick update; I am leaning towards a MIDI amp switcher as this will give me full switching capabilities for my amp. Can I expect this to reduce noise when compared to using the ext. amp jack on the helix?
  3. Hi all, I had the opportunity to try out a Helix LT in 4cm with my amp today and am very impressed with it. Unfortunately a noticeable (but expected) ground hum was present, especially on higher gain settings. This became more apparent when I used the 1/4" ext amp for amp channel control. Before I pull the trigger on the Helix I want to know that I can minimise this noise at least to a manageable level. Will using a midi controlled switcher as opposed to the ext amp output eliminate some of noise? Or am I better off with a hum destroyer (ebtech/radial etc)? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all. This is likely a question for those who are fans of Katatonia/Bloodbath and guitarist Anders Nyström. A while back he posted he had just picked the Helix and was planning on using it for tours. Since then updates about his gear appear to have quietened down. Does anyone know whether he stuck with the Helix, or seen him use it live?
  5. Is using an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo the only way to ensure the Helix functions properly with the Mark V? I would like to purchase a Helix and use the 4CM with my Mark V but unfortunately reading this thread makes me think the FX8 is better suited. RJM is not available locally, perhaps the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher will work? To clarify, my aim is to just be able to switch between the three channels from the Helix, with no ground noise.
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