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  1. Thanks for the reply. I had guessed that what your proposing happens in Natural preset could be what's going out to front of house. I only used my power cab for1 gig and it was also the first time I've used my helix for a gig. I found the power cab is very directional and had trouble hearing it when I was off axis. Has anyone else experienced this. Unfortunately I don't use a wireless system so I couldn't get far enough in front of the PA to hear my PA signal properly. I was a guest sitting in with the band so I didn't want to crank up my volumn . So the sound guy did put my guitar in the monitors. Sounded ok to me and the sound man had no complaints but I'd like to hear for myself out front Until then I would like to know what the signal coming out of my power cab is. Don't think that's much to ask from Line 6 support.. Do those guys answer threads here? I thought that was the idea of Line6 hosting aforum for their products. If not I will definitely pose the question directly to Line 6 technical support.
  2. Ive found i prefer the natural preset with no IR coming out of my helix. But im thinking that when i use this setting and then go direct out of my powercab into a PA ,the signal to the PA has no speaker or cab emulation on it at all. is this true or does the natural presethave some type of speaker emulation on it as well? thanks for any info
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