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  1. Hello, I've owned a Spider IV 75W for a long time and whenever I've needed to switch between a song preset (distortion) to a clean sound, I've always had to play with the preset knob to change my sound midway through a song. As you can obviously see, this is a time-consuming process and doesn't always work out perfectly so I've come here to ask for some for your help! What is the best way and preferably the easiest way that I can transition between two defined preset sounds? I was thinking using a pedal, but would I need a special line 6 pedal or could I use something like my Boss FS-5U pedal to swap between two sounds. I'm completely clueless how I would achieve this function with my Spider IV. Would I need to program something into my Spider to let the pedal function this way or something? Hopefully, you guys can help. Thanks, Max