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    Using a looper pedal

    Is there anyway of using a looper pedal with a spider v 30 MK1 I can't get one to work it just sort of hums and makes weird noises.
  2. I have been trying to update my mk 1 spider v with the 2.0 update using the remote app and it just does not work!!!!!!!! It keeps coming up it has been successfully downloaded but then the screen just has a spinning waiting circle. I am using am Android phone with the app any help appreciated maybe I'm just missing something very simple
  3. brihill18 you might have to move the switch at the back of amp from Android to pc or vice versa depending on what operating system you are using and obviously chose the update for that OS too
  4. Thank you stonelx I assumed it was something simple like that. I assume a laptop will do. Thanks very much I'll hopefully get it sorted now