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  1. you can do that with wifi but im wanting do it straight out of the ipad in case i get in a place that dosen't have wifi like out door gig?
  2. how do you download HT Edit APP for IPAD?
  3. im using Sonar Producer to change presets into a Focusrite 2I4 using USb then Midi out to Helix,i've got it changing presets by inserting an event into a Midi track,i'm trying to get it to change Snaphots,i've seen it done on YOu tube with a guy using Logic so i know it can just not sure how do it in Sonar Using a Laptop for Live Performances - Part 5 - Using MIDI to control Helix/other MIDI devices
  4. i'm using Sonar Producer i want to change snapshots with Midi from my Laptop,there sa video on You Tube of a guy doing it with a different DAW has anybody had any luck doing what i'm doing?

  5. im using the Helix floor unit,i've set a midi track in Sonar X1 Producer going out a Focusrite 2i4 audio interface via Usb,it has Midi outs & Ins on it,in the Midi track i have events setup to change presets,what i'm trying to figure out is how to set up program changes by inserting a controller event to turn onĀ  &off Fx in the Snapshot i've got setup.i've seen a guy on You tube doing this with Logic so i know it, can be done just not sure how to do it in Cakewalk can somebody please help,thanks?

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