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  1. I've had that happen a few times i talked to Line 6 they said it was a corrupt preset,but i just did a Back up then did a Factory restore & reinstalled my presets works just fine
  2. im trying to find the 7 string presets that was in the Helix FX set i had on my Helix but some reason i've lost it,it had the Poly Capo set up for 7 string if anybody know what Firmware update that was on or where i can down the presets it was just FX please let me know
  3. how did it go my friend what did you end up doing?
  4. it's frustrating i know
  5. it happened to me when i wasn't using Midi try it & see what happens
  6. you've done the restore & reloaded your your presets? you might try backing up your presets & reinstalling the latest firmware if that dosen't work i'd definitely take it back
  7. i've had that happen a few times i have the latest Firmware & everything is up to date,i was changing both presets & snap shots with Midi,i stopped changing presets with Midi & im just changing snapshots with Midi & it happened to me exactly the same way when i stepped on a preset button,what i had to do is make sure all my presets are backed up,which it will do this even if it's locked up then do a factory restore,you can do this by turning off Helix,then holding down buttons 5 & 6 on the front of the Helix Rack & turning it on it will do a Factory restore,it'll take a couple of minutes,after it reboots re install your presets it works for me & it has happened a few times,i talked to Line 6 about it & they said it was probably a defective preset but i think it's a glitch with the software,good luck
  8. I Think everyone is misunderstanding the question im asking,im using the same preset with a rhythm preset & a Lead preset using the 4 cable method & im boosting the level in the IR & cutting the Bass a little with the Bass cut,which works,im was just wondering if there's an easier way to do this?
  9. i've plenty of headroom on my Dual Rectifier,im not using any amp models just using the Helix for fx,im adjusting the marshall tone tuby the level for more db for leads on the leads just trying figure out a way thats more uniform
  10. im having a really hard time getting my levels right between my Lead & rhythm patches,im just wondering if it's any easier running just straight into the FX loop using 2 cable method,im just using the Helix for FX & running a Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier with my main IR a Marshal Tone Tubby,just seems i spend most of my time trying to get my lead sound a little louder with more punch than playing,i've doing this with Modeling since the original POD so im no beginner when it comes to doing this just looking for some tips,im usings 1 tube screamer to add some crunch for the rhythm sound with the level @ 12 & the gain @ 12 & a 2nd Tube screamer with the Level @ 1 oclock & the gain @ 1 oclock then on the IR im bringing the Bass cut up to about Mid way so its cuts through a little,i guess my question is,is there a better way to do this,im using the same patch for 90% of what im doing,thanks
  11. im gonna call Line 6 here in about an hour & talk to them thanks
  12. im running the latest firmware & i don't have an open Midi loop
  13. has anybody had trouble with the Helix freezing up & having to shut it off & turn it back on?i had it happen a couple of times with the floor model Helix,i've been using the Rack unit now & last Sunday it froze up 2 times,i thought it was because i was sending 2 type of Midi commands to the Helix from from my music software program on my Laptop,so i disconnected it went fine,then Wednesday night i wasn't using any Mid i stepped on a Foot switch & held it down to copy one snapshot to another & before i touched the other foot switch to copy it, it froze up
  14. i just know plugging it straight in sounds fantastic i love the sound of that amp,i've used amp modelers for 20 years since the line 6 Pod & just want to hear the sound a real amp & the FX of the Helix with a few of the amps mostly Acoustic guitar sound a couple of Fenders
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