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  1. HI i have tried everything and have had no luck. I have rolled back to the 1.05 firmware and still no sound from input or headphone jacks. i have read where customers have had some success with firmware 1.01. WHERE DO i go to download 1.01 so I can try it.
  2. Hi I have tried a the Factory Reset with no result and every other button combination I can think of when powering on. I just get a dull blue screen and most times the "A" button is a solid red light. Once all A-B-C- D buttons where all flashing and only once did it show the version # on the display screen. No recent update or patches as this has been out of commission for months. Just started at it again thinking what a waste not to be using the pedal. Thank you for your response. Bill
  3. Hi Unit is powered on and I get no display and a solid red light on switch "A". I have tried starting every other combination I can think of pushing buttons when powering on but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas??
  4. browsell

    Wont power on?

    When I push down control knob+FS2+FS3 at the same time and hit the power on switch I get a solid red light on the "A" foot switch?
  5. browsell

    Wont power on?

    This is all I'm seeing with the back cover off. Blue display on front is very dull with vertical lines where the info should be displayed.
  6. browsell

    Wont power on?

    Hi I wrote a ticket and was passed on to Yorkville in Canada to make inquires. Have left messages for 3 days with no response. Is there anyone at your end that can give some advice on why I'm just getting a dull blue light when I power on unit. I was considering buying the Firefox 1500 watt amp but not sure now! Thanks Bill
  7. browsell

    Wont power on?

    Thanks, I have created a ticket and hope to get some help. Cheers
  8. browsell

    Wont power on?

    Hi I have a firefox FX and it won't power on. There is a very dull blue light on the display but nothing else. Help!!
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