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  1. I'm new so if I'm doing this wrong I'll delete, and my apologies. I'd like the option to "connect" a send to its respective return internally without having to jump them with a cable. This opens up some flexibility with routing that I'm doing now with jumpers but would leave the jacks free for other presets. Also, as an LT user it would be handy to have access to the extra loop the Floor has for use as these "internal routing" points which would prevent another issue I'm facing. Hope this makes sense. Also if this is already possible please let me know. Also, I saw others mention a more visually representative UI particularly for the EQ's and Comps which would be great. However if that's asking too much I think it would be nice to have the option to rotate the sliders in the UI 90º at least for the graphic EQ where it seems more intuitive to me. I realize it's in the ears, but it is called a "graphic" EQ after all.
  2. ...and it was user error. Sorry all, the 2nd harmony was not configured correctly. Just an unlikely coincidence that all notes harmonized correctly except the last note in the melody I was playing which happened to be A. Still pretty new to this, my apologies.
  3. While running a diatonic 3rds harmony in G Harmonic minor, the A note is giving a C & C# simultaneously (it should be C). I double checked my tuning and tried it in a number of places on the fretboard and with the tone rolled down on neck pickup in case an upper harmonic was triggering something and got the same result. I have firmware 2.60. Any help from Line 6 and corroboration from other users and perhaps other instances of errors would be appreciated to help resolve this issue.
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