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  1. I have a friend who has literally pulled apart various Variaxes and re-built them. hes a bit of an electronics whizz. so i do trust him. Im based in Ireland so if I were to go the Line 6 route is there anyone here that does that work?? thanks Domhnall
  2. Hi folks.. Ive just bought a 1yr old JTV-59. It has a fault with switching between pickups though. The 3 way selector switch works fine when switching between Variax sounds, but not when Im trying to switch between the regular pickups. I can only hear the Neck Pickup. The other two settngs just give silence.. Could someone please help - is there a part I can buy to swap out? May I just say that other than that, the guitar looks, feels and sounds amazing. Really exceptional - especially the pickups, but also the Variax sounds. sounds amazing ;)) Thanks Domhnall
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