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  1. What are the steps to combining them? Do I remove the Amp block and modify the Cab block and choose an amp? I don't have the hx stomp with me right now so I don't remember if I can add an amp to the cab block to make it an amp+cab block.
  2. I'm definitely not going to rule out "hearing things" ha. Perhaps I can mess around with the output settings and see if what happens. Thanks for the tip.
  3. I just got the HX Stomp and am loving it! However, I’m running into the same issues as a lot of people where 6 blocks isn’t enough. I downloaded the matchless patch from Worship Tutorials which sounds great to me, but it uses all 6 blocks with separate blocks for the amp and cab. I wanted to run an effects loop to add in my Fulltone OCD, so I copied the preset and combined the amp and cab into one block. It still sounds good, but it sounds a little thinner than having separate blocks even tho they have identical settings. Does that make sense? Has anyone else run into this? Am I missing something or is it my imagination?
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