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  1. I am confused after reading the manual for the Spider V 240HC. What I am looking for is a way to power a single 2x12 cab with the head. My cab is a Blackstar HTV212, 160 watts, 8ohms. I was afraid the amp's 240-watt output would overpower the cab. But then I read the manual and thought maybe there's a way. Here's what I read: "Connect your external speaker(s) here. Your speaker cabinet(s) should support at least 100 watts @ 4 Ohms or 50 watts @ 8 Ohms minimum." So does that mean I can connect a single 100 watt @ 4 Ohm cab or a single 50 watt @ 8 Ohm cab to the 240HC? Also the fact that there's a 2x12 version of the Spider V 240. So it makes me think there's got to be a way to power my cab with this head. Now, before people start suggesting a different setup, here's why I am doing this. So feel free to ignore this last part. I have a Blackstar HT Stage 60 2x12 combo amp and I use that to also power the HTV 212 cab so I have basically a half stack for gigs, and a combo for band practice. So I was thinking if I had the Spider V head, I could have a modular system where I use only the head for bedroom practice, the head + one 2x12 cab for band practice (don't want to lug a 4x12 to every practice), and the head + two 2x12s to make a half stack for shows. I wish Line 6 would've thought of this and created a Spider V 2x12 instead of just the 4x12 cab.
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