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  1. Thanks for your reply, Im actually in Singapore and i bought this guitar off of a guy on craigslist without the receipt or warranty so i would really appreciate it if you could help me locate a service centre where i could get this fixed. Thanks
  2. So i had recenty purchased a used les paul style line 6 JTV59 and i absolutely love it. Long story short, i had accidently dropped it on the floor from my stand and now the pickup selecter switch broke off.... The metal screw extension from the base of the switch which connects to the tip of the switch has been broken and a part of it is lodged into the tip itself. Currently the switch still is functional and i can change the pickups but i would really want to connect back a switch tip and do whatever i can to fix it. Im relatively new to guitar repairs and so was wondering if i could just change the switch myself with some other les paul switch. Any help is appreciated. Thanks image.jpg
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