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  1. New user here too. Manual is here https://line6.com/support/manuals/firehawkfx although I haven't quite figured out the now playing/favs thing. I can get to the spot that adds the Favorite. Now playing literally seems to be when you start playing a song from Music > Choose Artist/song > Play. The 'Now Playing' is up as the song is playing and after a second "similar tones or matches" are displayed that you can set as favorite by hitting the up arrow icon. Many of the tones are not a match btw, but likely depend on what details the person creating the tone assigned to it? Kind of weird as the instinct is to set your own tones or tweaked tones as favorites. On the other hand, those can just be made, tweaked, and saved then assigned into a slot if needed. If I tweak a tone and save it, even if just updating the details, it creates a new tone. Doesn't seem to be a way to just edit the details to save without saving it as a separate tone.
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