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  1. ok thanks, I give it a try. I love this pedal, I love the tones and I love practicing with the loop pedal.
  2. thanks for replying. No, the PX-2g is rated for 120v, I bought the JM-4 on Amazon in the United States a couple of years ago. I knew i should have used a step down transformer from 220v to 120v, but jet lag got the better of me and I plugged it into the wall voltage here, which is 220 volt. Did I fry the looper pedal or just the power supply? Will the looper work if I get another compatible power supply? thanks
  3. I'm visiting China where the power is 220 volt. I plugged my JM-4 looper in and I probably blew out my rig. The question is did I just blow out the Line 6 PX-2G power supply or did I also blow out the pedal as well? This is to ask, will the pedal still work if I get a new power supply. This is what I'm hoping for. Is there anyone out there who can fill me in?
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