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  1. Hi All My expression pedal has stopped working for me, any ideas on how to trouble shoot this. Is this hardware? I have been trying to use this pedal and it no longer has any effect on my patches. Have been able to switch controller to variax volume or tone control and those work fine but expression pedal (exp1 or exp 2) seems to be dead. Try to reinstall flash memory but this had no effect. Any ideas? Thanks Found this and it solved my problem. f the Onboard expression pedal of the POD HD500 does not sweep through parameter values as it normally would, you may need to perform a pedal calibration to reset the functionality of the expression pedal: Hold the down the RIGHT ARROW button on the 4 Way Nav Pad while powering the unit on, until you see the “Test Mode†screen (Pedal Cal, etc.), and then proceed with the steps below: If not already selected, use on the 4 Way Nav Pad to select “Pedal Cal,†as shown above. Press the VIEW button. Set the pedal to the minimum “heel†position, then press the A footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. You’ll see the value set to “100.†Set the pedal to the maximum “toe†position, then press the B footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. Again, you’ll see the value set to “100,†as in step 3. Press the C footswitch to prepare for automatic selection of the Scaled Pedal Value and move the pedal from min. to max. You should see the Scaled Pedal Values read “0†at the heel position and “255†and the toe position. If you get values other than 0 and 255, power off and repeat these steps, starting at step 1. Press the D footswitch to save the settings. You’ll be returned to the Test Mode screen and the Pedal Cal item will show a “P†to indicated that the pedal calibration is complete! Power your device off and back on again to start using it. ***Please Note: Re-calibration of the POD HD500's expression pedal is necessary after performing a Global Settings reset. Instructions for how to perform a Global Settings reset is available here.
  2. Yes Uber Guru, that is what I am looking for. I will give this a go. I as watching a lesson by "Jennifer Batten" where she uses this to drop chords, extend the fretboard a pitch and bend while two hand tapping.
  3. Any ideas on how to set hd500 so that exp pedal can alter pitch by a tone?
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