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  1. So, today I get an email from GPS: "The populated board part # is 50-02-0541, it has a 3 week lead time, priced @ $160.00 If you want me to place an order, need full payment part + tax + shipping. Thank you!" George Tomasich GPS Electronics Wait!!! When I called Line6 yesterday, they said they had the part in stock. Why a 3 week turn now? For $160, plus tax, and shipping? Full Compass sells it for $125 with free shipping. But they are out of stock and cannot say when they will get the PCB from Line6. So, either way, it will take a month to get the part. Sad, very sad. Sorry Line 6. I threw the amp in the garbage. Once again, I tried to give your company a chance. And just like the Spider amp that failed on a gig, The X3 Live that failed on a gig, and the HD 500X that failed on a gig, I cannot recomend your products or give you any more of my money.
  2. Okay, over 2 hours passed when calling GPS Service about ordering the part I need. Once again, not far from where I live. They tell me I have to EMAIL them to INQUIRE about the part availability. Okay, so I email. I called them back after not hearing anything over 2 hours. The guy says, "We are working on it right now and will get back to you when we hear from Line6." Yeah, right. Still waiting. Line 6, I am done. Some of us are professionals and need service today, not next week or next month. Maybe I sound like an impatient brat, but business is business, and performances have to be done.
  3. I bought a used Amplifi 150 to quickly get the tones I needed for a show. Used it on a gig and the amp burnt out after the 3rd song. It was working fine before. Lucky I had a more reliable Gallien Krueger as a backup along with a Boss multi-effects pedal. Turns out, the main PCB burnt up. Very easy to see and access behind the rear panel. I called Full Compass who say on their website they have one in stock. I call and they do not have it in stock saying they have to order from Line 6 with no ETA when they will receive it. So I called Line 6. I'm told they have one in stock, but I have to order from a service center or send it in to a center for repair. Local repair centers are asking $100 to $200 labor to replace a board. Really?? I live not far from Line 6 and I have to order from Wisconsin to get just the PCB and wait almost a month to get the part? I call local service centers and get voicemails, or "We don't know the price, but will call Line 6 and determine a price for you" Really? Yamaha was not like this. You could call them, order a part, and go to Will Call, and not miss your next show. I was going to use the Amplifi to quickly emulate artists' songs as I do many tribute shows in different genres. How hard is it to pick at least one place geographically to order parts if Line 6 does not have the resources to do so?
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