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  1. This was more serious I believe than any noise from a delay block. It's getting evaluated now so I guess we will see
  2. Yer I figured as much. It's off 4 warranty repairs 2moro...
  3. I can get an audio sample of this issue. Someone here might have had something similiar happen...
  4. Hi Fellow Helix users, I've had my unit for 6 months or so and it's everything I expected. Very happy....until now. I am experiencing a continuous digital signal noise like it's in time with an effect. Very wierd and comes with the occasional pop and it cuts the output signal. It happens with or without playing. I've tried every cable configuration possible and swapped cables. Used di aswell. Full reset and current firmware update 2.7.1, Tried straight into a dxr10, also tried into a mixer aswell. Pretty frustrating stuff. Opened a support ticket and they want me to send it to the nearest service centre 4+ hrs away. Just wondering if there is anything im missing b4 doing so. Cheers
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