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  1. DannyMarkIV

    Helix Models “Based On” Full Listing PDF as of FW 2.60

    BBD_123...I didn’t write it. I grabbed screens from that website and compiled into a searchable PDF. Thanks for the catch, though. Good to know.
  2. Hello all, I just ordered a Helix and it should arrive tomorrow. In preparation, I found a complete listing of the Helix blocks at dshowmusic. I made the screen shots into a searchable PDF that others might find useful. It seems up to date through firmware 2.60. Included are: Gtr Amps 60 Bass Amps 13 Cabinets 37 FX Distortion 24 FX Dynamics 8 FX EQ 5 FX Modulation 24 FX Delay 18 FX Reverb 17 FX Pitch/Synth 7 FX Filter 3 FX Vol/Pan 4 FX Wah 10 FX legacy ~80 Mics 16 Total 326 Helix Models explained SEARCHABLE.pdf