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  1. It just seems a bit more logical to me, a bit like running two seperate pedalboards (this is how I would use an fx loop with normal pedals) It seems to me that the normal 4cm is for those wanting to use the Helix pre amps?
  2. Hi, this could be a very silly question- I use helix with a Mark V and am experimenting with 4CM. Im not interested in using the helix preamps. I know the established routing for 4cm, but why cant I run two loops, on that runs from guitar to output with wah and comp etc then run 2a from return 1 to send 1 and put my mods in the connecting it to the fx loop? Is there any advantage or disadvantage of doing it this way? Thanks
  3. Im an actual idiot. I was trying to go from the helix ext amp out to the fsw in on the front gf the amp. When I looked around the back I find a seperate channel select and solo jack- plugged the monos into that and it all works fine... channel select is ring and solo is tip. This is why I need a roadie, I once tore apart my entire set up at a gig because I had no noise to find an issue before realising Id not turned the volume knob up on my guitar... @re2rk thanks for your time and patience
  4. Thanks, Im getting somewhere but Im still confused. I bought a stereo to dual mono cable today. I tried various combinations - if i plug the stereo into the ext amp socket on the helix, and the Red cable into the fw on the amp it changes the channel with the button set to 'ring' But I've then got the tip (white cable) dangling loose like a keyboard player at an orgy. Is there any was I can use the helix to change the channels and do the solo boost? This is a big part of my tone and I was really hoping the helix could utilise it. Thanks Richard
  5. HI, moved back to using a helix again as I wanted an all in one pedalboard solution but still like to use my amp. The LOnestar Special has a two button footswitch, one to change the channels (tip) and one to give a solo boost (ring) Trying to use the command centre to get this to work with a single TRS solution and not having any look- do I need a Y cable? Anyone else using the helix with this amp? Thanks Richard
  6. Hi, Ive recently moved to Helix and Powercab+ and loving it, great range of tones for home, rehearsals and gigs. Ive also just bought a stomp for a backup/smaller stage setup. I am subsequently having a clearout of non essential gear that it is replacing. As well as bands I also play solo with an acoustic, using a TC Helicon Play Acoustic for the vocal effects and going straight into a Bose- no problems there. BUT at some smaller gigs (we have Micro pubs here in the UK- enough space for about 15 people) I have used an AER Compact 60 and run that from the Play Acoustic. The truth is though I can better and more versatile acoustic tones via the Helix/Stomp, but wondered if I could run the mic out from the Play Acoustic directly into the Powercab and use that instead? Has anyone tried this? Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone- I might keep an eye out for a used Stomp, another benefit is sometimes I play smaller solo gigs or band gigs with cramped spaces and it could be used as an alternative to the Floor then.
  8. I see this has been asked before but not for a while so I wondered about updates So Im a fairly new Helix and Powercab user, love the sounds and flexibility I am getting at home, rehearsals and gigs. So much so that Im considering selling my amps (DRRI, Blues Jr and AER compact). However I'm THAT guy in my band who brings 2/3 spare mics, stands, leads, guitars, you name it, Ive always taken the blues jr to gigs just in case the DRRI ever crapped out (it never did) Now the Helix is by all accounts reliable, but it is at heart a computer, a computer that you put on the floor in an atmosphere with 150 drunk people dancing.... So if something bad should ever happen mid gig what do you guys take as backups? This is my first modelling setup so I dont have much experience- Ive been looking at the HX stomp and firehawk, but I also see that used HD500x are very cheap on ebay... Thanks in advance
  9. so I bought the powercab + and took it to my practice with my acoustic based band last night- love it. I still need to RTFM and work out how to send a midi signal so I can automatically switch from flat mode to one of the speakers but I was able to set up a great acoustic patch, then switch over the clean electric for some of the electric songs. Fantastic sounds and great line out to the pa.
  10. so to conclude my feelings on this thread I bought the Powercab + and I love it, its funny but after playing for years and using overdrive pedals with valve amps the sound I can get from the craked Matchstick or Brit 2204 models with no overdrive, at home levels, uis amazing. So much better than the studio monitors! Highly recommend it!
  11. Tried a powercab today, I loved the tone but they only had the basic model in, so Ive ordered the plus so I can swap speakers via midi when switching from electric to acoustic patches. Cant wait to get it!
  12. I tried the Powercab today and loved it, worked well with the helix for both acoustic and electric. They only had the powercab in so Ive ordered the powercab plus as Id like the ability to expand and change using midi. Cant wait to get my hands on it!
  13. ok thanks all, going to keep my jbls and try a powercab+ this week
  14. ok I tried the Bose today, it worked fine with an acoustic guitar but not for electric, especially with drive, and I cant see it competing with the rest of my band. Im going to make a trip and audition the Line 6 L2t and Powercab plus this week. The powercab/plus appeals to me for the 'amp in a room' setting for some of my noisier gigs, but has anyone tried it for acoustic? Thanks guys for your time this is really useful
  15. Hi I’m an noobie and looking at various options for stage set up at the minute. Been seriously considering a L2T speaker However for home my current set up is direct to a Fender Blues Junior (way too loud) or via Helix into a pair of JBL305 speakers. I was wondering if I sold both of these (the JBL and the Blues Jr) and bought the L2 speaker, would it work turning it down to home use levels? Yeah Yeah I know about the Higgs boson effect or whatever it is, just wanting something to hear whilst experimenting and practicing. Thanks in advance
  16. This sounds like a silly question but if using my L1 would. I need the bass module as well? If so that means 4 extra cases to carry to gig and I was hoping to downsize... thanks for all the help so far chaps and chapesses I really appreciate it
  17. Thanks all, so let me get this straight you are saying I should go to the L1 for my 'stage amp' and then to FOH? I'd not thought of that and it would save me some cash- as someone said above I am thinking of stage volume rather than full backline volume would that work for electric though? Richard
  18. Hi all, first post here been lurking for ages- just upgraded from an HXFX to a Helix Floor as Im playing a lot of gigs in a variety of covers/function bands, with an even variety of sounds, and needed something I could use for just about everything. Only a few days in and at the moment am planning on gigging with my Helix as a pedalboard going into my DRRI but I suspect that I may go down the FRFR/FOH route at some point in the future as some of those amp models are fantastic (had a play through my studio monitors last night and the 'Matchless ones'- wow...) Anyway the point of all this is that my 'main' gig currently is acoustic, both as a solo singer and also in an acoustic based band. Currently using a Fishman EQ and a Play Acoustic for the solo into a Bose L1 and will possibly stick with that as I have no complaints. However my acoustic band want to do lots of covers that need some different boosts/delays etc so I want to use the Helix. Currently going into an AER compact 60 and DI into FOH but wondered if this is the optimal setup- is anyone using this setup or are you using FRFR instead? Id there is an FRFR speaker out there that does the business for acoustic and electric that would make me a very happy man. Thanks in advance
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