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  1. I have a used Spider IV 30 and lately, it has been acting weird where I cant actually factory reset it which is a small issue. The real issue is that I was using it today and then turned it off to come back an hour or so later and it wouldn't work. When I would turn it in it would make a connection sound like normal but my it makes no sound when I use my guitar. The channel lights are all off and both the metal and insane presets are on at the same time which I can't change and the tremolo light is on. I wonder if this is a warning code of something. I have used it in two different electrical outlets and it is the exact same. To continue on the factory reset, whenever I do so all my channels show as off but I can also turn them all on at once and it the preset wheel is on clean except for channel C. I do not know what to do.
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